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Imagine that one day your company is being struck with computer failure, your server „disappears”, your employees can’t start work, salesmen can’t proceed with transactions, the clients can’t make their payments, your company’s reputation is at risk, and on the top of that every minute your losses are dangerously going up. The emergency solution is the top
priority. The costs of that is very difficult to estimate. We often think that such problems happen to others… so when was the last time that you checked what’s going on in your company’s server room?
The day to day operations of your IT department do not allow you to clear such a mess, so the computer shutdown seems inevitable…

To pre-empt the sequence of events and to make sure that your server room is well organized, not only nice to look at but also in compliance with Industrial Safety, it’s necessary to fully control this specific environment by administrators – order free of charge audit and let us take care of your server room in your company.




The basis of all organization activities and modernization is analysis and understanding of current situation. Due to that fact revitalization service starts with an audit. Each device, connections in the server room and all outgoing links must be registered. All documents relating to LAN network, structural wiring, telephone centre i.e. undergo analysis. We may also carry out thermovision checks to find hot spots in your server room and diagnose various dysfunction of the cooling system.


Based on the report and audit findings we prepare a design of a new server room, which describes:

  • servers and auxiliary devices room layout,
  • proposal of how to supplement an existing set with solutions that would make infrastructure management easier – such as auxiliary devices for connection cables, server racks cable ducts, cable tag identification system, server management system etc.,
  • how to make links between main servers and auxiliary devices,
  • subcontractor’s documentation that will later on become server room manuals,
  • work schedule to implement the project.


A well prepared schedule is an important element of the successful enterprise. Due to the fact that during revitalization process the company will have to probably operate as normal, the process must consist of a several stages, executed at nights or on days off. After every stage there is a kick-off time lasting several hours.


The completion of the modernization works is not adequate to the end of the revitalization process in the server room.
The last phase is after-sales documentation that consist of a number of drawings, schemes, tables and descriptions.
All these papers present a view of real-time environment of which aim is to help the administrator with infrastructure management. Such documentation makes sense only when it is updated. Our after-sales documentation should be treated as service manuals where all changes in server room configuaration should be added and identified.



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    Five Dimensions Sp. z o.o.
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  • Contact details

    +48 22 472 45 00

    +48 22 472 45 07


    Five Dimensions Sp. z o.o.
    Słomińskiego 15/506, 00-195 Warsaw






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